VULKAN Couplings at the MARINTEC 2011


VULKAN - Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG Herne: The MESLU clutch is in focus at the MARINTEC 2011 in Shanghai (German Pavillon, booth number 4C21-4), and it has been highly appreciated by customers thanks to its constructional advantages, especially when used in suction dredgers and other maritime applications. The MESLU, a pneumatically operated double cone friction clutch guarantees guided concentricity of the outer part to the inner part thanks to its bearing; neither alignment errors nor wear of the friction liners lead to any imbalances that are common in other constructions. In addition, the coupling does not cause any axial load whatsoever, either when it is engaged or disengaged. And supplemental to this, the friction jacket located externally, together with the highly wear-resistant friction liners, ensure a high capacity of permissible shift operations and excellent heat radiation capability. The latter is also true of the flexible coupling located externally, which is combined with MESLU in the applications mentioned.

The MESLU is available in different sizes that cover a torque range from 8 kNm to 250 kNm. At this year’s MARINTEC, the Chinese subsidiary of the VULKAN Group, WUXI VULKAN, presents a MESLU 24 in combination with a highly flexible CRR2320.
Both engine and drive line vibration have been an issue in the marine industry for a long time. VULKAN has developed a range of high quality engine and machinery mounts, tailored to meet the demands of today's requirements. At the MARINTEC visitors will be able to see a number of resilient mounts and spring mounts suitable for a wide range of marine applications. (Press Release 28.10.2011)
Quelle: Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG | Foto: Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG
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