Typhoon Offshore and HVC acquire wind farm from BARD


BARD Holding GmbH Bremen | Emden | Amsterdam: Typhoon Offshore, the green investment company, and HVC, the Alkmaar-based energy provider to municipalities and water districts, have acquired from the BARD Group the 600MW wind farm that will be constructed in the North Sea, 55 kilometers North East of Schiermonnikoog. With this acquisition, the largest renewable energy project in The Netherlands is now fully owned by Dutch shareholders. BARD will remain involved in the project as turbine supplier. This was announced today by Dirk Berkhout, board member of Typhoon Offshore and responsible for the financing and contracting of the wind farm, Wim van Lieshout, CEO of HVC and Bernd Ranneberg, CEO of BARD Holding GmbH.
Increased Dutch content
Berkhout: “The financing of the project is on track, and we expect to start construction in August 2012, a year earlier than was agreed with the Ministry Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in the context of the SDE subsidy. That the project is now in Dutch hands can play a role with respect to the allocation of the SDE rest budget subsidy, in which case the wind farm could be increased by an additional 100MW.”
Increased public content
Van Lieshout: “HVC seeks to maximize the public content in this wind farm. We wish to stimulate the participation of municipalities, provinces and water authorities. The fact that this project is now fully Netherlands owned will facilitate this.”
BARD as turbine supplier
Ranneberg; “With Typhoon, HVC and Van Oord we were able to find strong partners to help us bring the projects to realization. We are pleased to have found a solution in which we will continue to play a major role in these projects. The BARD Group will deliver a considerable share of the necessary components for these projects, particularly wind turbines and foundations.” (Pressemeldung vom 12.09.2011)
Quelle: BARD Gruppe | Foto: Bard
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