Tomorrow’s Engineering Elite Continues to Rely on Know-How and Material from Continental


Continental AG Hannover | Korbach: Again this year, Formula Student engineers banked on technology and experience from Continental. The international automotive supplier spon-sored 37 international teams with products and technical know-how in 2012. 15 of the 37 racing squads were expected at Continental’s Korbach site for a warm-up session on June 1 and 2. Two exciting days of specialist lectures, a plant tour and driver training awaited the prospective engineers there. At the conclusion of the session, wet- and dry-event tires for the racing cars have been distributed.
This is the fifth year in a row that Continental sponsors several international Formula Student teams. In doing so, Continental is not just confining itself to sponsoring materials. First and foremost it is also providing know-how sponsoring in the form of knowledge transfer. The teams take part in four workshops and one driver training session in preparation for the Hockenheimring race. “In the Formula Student competition, the teams have to measure up to the highest standards in all the disciplines. Continental employees are glad to share their experience and expertise in this regard with the up-and-coming engineers,” explained Dr. Thomas Fey, head of product industrialization at Continental’s Korbach plant.
The highlight of the two-day meeting in Korbach was a driver training session in karts on the Continental plant grounds. The defined course gave the team members the opportunity to demonstrate their driving talent and secure a place in the team cockpit. Competitive stamina and endurance, acceleration and the right handling were tested and evaluated in a racing situation. The last point on the agenda at the event was the distribution of dry- and wet-competition tires to the teams.
Hannes Dettmann, a degree candidate, developed the tires together with Dr. Jürgen Dzick and Marco Gellings, his advisors at the plant in Hanover-Stöcken. The tires were then pro-duced in Korbach with the support of plant manager Lothar Salokat and an engineering team. “In no way do these tires correspond to the standard production tires. Among other things, the task of designing a tread compound with optimum racing characteristics poses a considerable challenge,” noted Salokat. 
110 next-generation racing teams from various countries (78 combustion teams and 32 elec-tric vehicle teams) will meet at Hockenheimring from July 31 to August 5 to vie for the title of best team at a major VDI event, the Formula Student Germany. In the run-up to the event, the young talents have a year to independently draft, design and build a prototype single-seater. Automotive industry experts evaluate the prototypes in three static categories – de-sign, business plan and cost analysis – and in five dynamic disciplines – acceleration, skid pad, petrol consumption, autocross and longtime performance. “Formula Student provides the participants with the opportunity to demonstrate their interdisciplinary skills. During the construction of their one-seater race cars, the young engineers acquire skills in design and business studies. In addition, a major international project of this type sharpens social com-petence factors, which we seek in all of our new recruits,” said Sehnaz Özden, head of Cor-porate Employer Branding & Recruiting and responsible for Continental AG’s involvement in Formula Student. (Press Release 04.06.2012)
Quelle: Continental AG | Foto: Continental AG
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