Raytheon Anschütz exhibits at SMM 2012


Raytheon Anschütz GmbH Kiel: Synapsis is the world’s first navigation system, which has been type approved according to IMO’s new INS Performance Standard. Key element of the INS are new Multifunctional Workstations, which use standardized, ultra-compact long-life PCs and a standard software framework to allow customizing bridge systems for any ship’s requirements in a standardized, but flexible matter. Thereby, the newly developed Synapsis Integration Platform not only controls all configurations, functional tasks and displays of the workstations but also provides flexibility for upgrades and extensions. Of course, Synapsis fully integrates with Anschütz gyro compasses, autopilots and manual steering systems.
The new steering gear control systems, NautoSteer AS and NautoPilot 5000, have been developed to set high standards of safety and precision in steering, but also to contribute to a significant decrease in fuel consumption and emissions – both are highly relevant arguments these days in shipping.
The new NautoSteer AS steering control series is based on reliable CAN-bus technology and provides advanced functions to set the standard for highest safety in steering. Its functions cover integrated steering failure and wire-break monitoring and a simplified steering mode selector switch, which separates an independent “Direct NFU” non-follow-up steering position from a “Main” follow-up steering position. Take-over of steering control is possible from any steering position.
The new NautoPilot 5000 features an integrated heading and rudder plotter on its large color display, which instantaneously indicates the steering performance of the autopilot due to the effects of changes to parameter settings such as rudder, counter rudder and yawing. The NP 5000 can also be operated in Eco-Mode to reduce sensitivity to periodical yawing movements. Subsequently less rudder action is required, which leads to lower levels of speed reduction and thus less fuel consumption. If high precision in automatic steering is needed, the NP 5000 autopilot offers a new course control mode and a high-precision controller to maintain the outstanding precise steering performance known from Anschütz autopilots.
In addition to the NP 5000, Raytheon Anschütz addresses the requirements for fuel-efficient ship systems with the development of new features that help optimizing route planning on ECDIS. As an example, the Synapsis ECDIS has been enhanced with an advanced automatic route planning function to calculate the shortest route between two destinations. In addition, the ECDIS integrates weather data to address the impact of wind and waves, swell and currents on fuel consumption, operating costs and just-in-time arrivals. Together with the autopilot, the fuel saving potential can be estimated to 2-4%. 
Raytheon Anschütz exhibits the new generation of navigation technology in hall B6 at booth 304. (Press Release 12.07.2012)
Quelle: Raytheon Anschütz GmbH | Foto: Raytheon Anschütz
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