Poland moves closer to german sea ports


HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG Hamburg: Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and the rail operator Polzug Intermodal have opened a hub terminal near the Polish city of Poznán. The cuttingedge site – the first of its kind in Poland – now allows daily shuttle trains to be run between the North European sea ports and Poznán. This reduces transport times between Hamburg and Poznán alone by about a third.
From now on the market leader Polzug Intermodal will be pooling railfreight transport from all the North European sea ports – especially Hamburg and Bremerhaven – in Poznán for distribution throughout Poland on the spokes of its hub network. In addition to its central position for West– East traffic, the site in Poznán has the advantage of high local freight volume. 
The opening of the hub terminal and the daily shuttle connections bring the dynamic economic region around Poznán closer to the North European sea ports. The journey time between Hamburg and Poznán is reduced from 18 hours to 12, and transport can also be carried out much more flexibly and reliably. 
Altogether HHLA Intermodal Polska, a subsidiary of HHLA, invested around € 15 million in the new hub. The rail operator Polzug, which operates the terminal, contributed € 1 million. Polzug already has a tightly knitted terminal network in Poland, with sites in Katowice (Dabrowa Gornicza), Wroclaw and Warsaw (Pruszkow). 
“The hub in Poznán is a further step in the expansion of the HHLA transport network and will drive forward the industrialization of hinterland traffic of the sea port. Container transport from Hamburg to Poland by rail is now even more attractive and productive. This not only benefits Poznán, but also the Port of Hamburg,” commented Dr. Sebastian Jürgens, HHLA Executive Board member for the Intermodal and Logistics segments, at the inauguration. 
The opening ceremony for the hub terminal took place this Tuesday in the presence of the Polish Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Andrzej Massel, HHLA Executive Board member Dr. Sebastian Jürgens, and the Managing Director of Polzug, Walter Schulze-Freyberg. Numerous guests from the transport, shipping and logistics sectors also attended the ceremony. 
“For the first time we can now link the North European sea ports and the Poznán economic region with daily shuttle trains. This is a milestone for intermodal transport in Poland,” added Walter Schulze-Freyberg, Managing Director of Polzug. 
In the start-up phase, as many as three to five trains will shuttle between Hamburg and Poznán every day. This has the advantage that they can be loaded with “mixed cargo”, i.e. goods not sorted for a specific destination in Poland. At the Poznán hub terminal the containers are then sorted, and depending on their destination either reloaded onto inner-Polish trains for onward carriage to the appropriate terminals or delivered locally by road. This increases the overall productivity of the system and prepares it for future requirements. “With this new production concept for Poland, we can offer our customers fast, reliable and sustainable transport of the highest quality,” explained Schulze-Freyberg. 
The hub in Poznán currently has four tracks of at least 610 metres in length, capable of serving an entire block train. They make it possible to handle the daily shuttle trains without the need for shunting. This in turn makes handling much faster. For Polzug, the shuttle services are particularly attractive because the trains can run back and forth with the same train set, which means that the engines and wagons can be deployed to best advantage. “This increases the efficiency of the Polzug system considerably,” said Schulze-Freyberg. The hub terminal also offers all the services required by today’s shipping and transport companies. 
The hub in Poznán is another building block in HHLA’s strategy of making rail transport for containers between the Port of Hamburg and the hinterland as attractive as possible for its customers by targetedly expanding the hinterland network in collaboration with the rail operators Polzug, Metrans and Transfracht. (Press Release 27.09.2011)
Quelle: HHLA | Foto: HHLA
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