Octoplus – Providing as flexible a service as contract cleaners themselves


Miele & Cie. KG Gütersloh | Hamburg: Cleaning cloths and wipes need to be ready for use again by contract cleaners in next to no time – in huge quantities. And that is why Miele introduced a range of 8 kg commercial washers and dryers under the title Octoplus some two years ago, offering machine sizes and load capacities to cope with up to 65 mops in one single cycle. Even more space is offered by a new Octoplus washer-extractor, with a load capacity of 10 kg for up to 80 mops.
This washing machine under the title PW 5105 is considerably more cost-efficient that the same-size model from the previous generation. The drum volume, now reduced to 100 l, ensures particularly high laundry throughput on an Octoplus machine which still requires less than 1 m² of floor space. The controls are as simple to operate as on the machines with an 8 kg load capacity; the range of programmes is also identical.
In total, more than 70 washing and over 40 drying programmes are available. Which of these are actually available to users from the machine's controls is a decision taken by the operator when machines are first commissioned. This approach combines simplicity with flexibility as programme options not activated at this stage can be added later. Equally so, less relevant programmes can be hidden from view later if not needed.
A programme package, tailored to the needs of contract cleaners, contains 5 programmes for mops and 4 programmes for cleaning cloths. Particular attention was paid to developing disinfection programmes and the strict maintenance of disinfection parameters throughout the wash process. Highly specialised programmes are complemented by standard cycles, such as ones for washing workwear and a programme to clean the machine itself. And if wishes still remain unfulfilled, 5 customised wash and drying programmes are available which can be compiled to suit individual needs from pre-defined options
This series consists of electrically heated washer-dryers with either a dump valve or drain pump and a tumble dryer, available either with electric or gas heating. Models are available with casings in stainless steel, white or Octoblue. On the dryer, patented, electronic PerfectDry moisture-sensing technology determines when selected drying stages have been reached. This is particularly important in the case of cleaning cloths made from microfibres which suffer irreparable damage when exposed to excessively high temperatures. This in turn results in a reduced capacity to absorb water.
And if controls are to be kept as simple as possible, the choice can be reduced to only 4 programmes. To start a programme on either the washer or the dryer, only two steps are necessary: Simply select one of the four programmes on offer in the display and press 'Start' - it's as simple as that. Contract cleaners employing skilled staff familiar with laundry machines have access to the entire range of programmes via the display. Programmes are selected using a rotary selector switch. And the controls adapt to the needs of users in different countries by allowing a range of languages to be activated. This, too, can be done at the touch of a button.
These machines have all the technical sophistication needed to ensure economical laundry care. Thanks to the powerful heater rating of approx. 8 kW, programmes lasting less than 1 hour are achieved on both the washer-extractors and the tumble dryer.
The washer-extractor features a tried-and-tested dump valve perfectly able to cope with the coarse soil introduced with mops and cleaning cloths. The design of this component dispenses with sharp edges and crevices and ensures a tight seal. This prevents a buildup of fluff and soil likely to clog the drainage system. (Press Releasem 20.09.2011)
Quelle: Miele & Cie. KG | Nr. 149/2011 | Foto: Miele
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