MAN Diesel & Turbo: China Endorses Complete Propulsion Concept


MAN Energy Solutions SE Copenhagen: Jiangnan Shipyard, part of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) Group, recently signed a shipbuilding contract with China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Controlling Department (CSMTCD) for two special transportation vessels. Each newbuilding will feature a complete twin-screw MAN Diesel & Turbo propulsion package in the form of two 6L32/40 four-stroke engines, gear boxes, propellers and a propulsion control system.
The MAN 6L32/40 engines will be manufactured by Chinese licensee Zhenjiang CME Co. Ltd (ZJ CME), with each unit developing 3,000 kW at 750 rpm. The two engines aboard each vessel will be connected to type 41VO30 MAN Alpha AMG28 gear boxes, type VBS860 CP propellers with water-lubricated sterntubes, and the Alphatronic 2000 Propulsion Control System – supplied by MAN Diesel & Turbo, Frederikshavn (Denmark). Both vessels will be launched in January 2013 with delivery to CSMTCD scheduled for the following June. CSMTCD is a part of the China Military General Armament Department and provides a vessel research and space-satellite tracking and controlling service.
The project represents the first instance of a Chinese MAN Diesel & Turbo licensee acting as supplier for a complete propulsion system, including the propulsion train. To better facilitate the integration and optimisation of the propulsion system and project management, Frederikshavn will provide on-site support for the technical interface coordination, based on a cooperation agreement made with ZJ CME.
MAN Diesel & Turbo Frederikshavn plans to continue promoting this propulsion concept in the future to Chinese licensees and the Chinese market in general, with a view to increasing MAN Diesel & Turbo’s propeller market share.
About Jiangnan Shipyard
Jiangnan Shipyard is a historic shipyard located in Shanghai, China that was located to the south of the city until 2009 when it moved to Changxing Island, in the mouth of the Yangtze River and to the north of urban Shanghai. State-owned since its founding in 1865, it is now operated by Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co. Ltd. The new shipyard is equipped with several super dry-docks, capable of housing the construction of aircraft carriers for the PLA Navy, if so required.
The shipyard builds, repairs and converts both civilian and military ships. Other activities include the manufacture of machinery and electrical equipment, pressure vessels and steel works for various, land-based products.
About ZJ CME
Part of the CSSC Group, ZJ CME owes its origins to an asset reorganisation by Zhenjiang Marine Diesel Works and other enterprises of CSSC in 2001. Based in the city of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province, Eastern China, ZJ CME produces marine diesel engines, turbochargers, auxiliary marine machinery, lifting machinery, and marine propellers, among other industrial lines. (Press Release 11.01.2012)
Quelle: MAN Diesel & Turbo SE | Foto: MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
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