HELLA presents new projection module for headlights


HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA Lippstadt: Since September, all new Volkswagen Tiguan cars which have rolled off the belts equipped with bi-xenon headlights have also been provided with an innovation from the HELLA lighting experts. The completely new INTEMO module is now beaming and projecting light onto the road in the place of the HELLA standard light modules which have been used in bi-xenon headlights up until now. The new module comes with the added bonus, as before, of being able to swivel the module; therefore realising the function of dynamic bend lighting.
Alongside a high degree of light output, the module particularly distinguishes itself amongst headlight systems with its easy installation procedure and reduced weight. It has been possible to simplify the installation process thanks to the use of fewer individual parts inside the module. While the current module combines individual parts with one another by means of different process steps, all the main assemblies in the INTEMO (plastic lens brackets, bezel groups and hybrid reflectors) are incorporated using just one process step. A lower weight is becoming increasingly important for vehicle manufacturers´ sustained CO2reduction strategies and, in doing so, helps to achieve the specifications of the European Union. It was possible to reduce the weight of the entire module by means of two further modifications: first of all, the HELLA engineers opted for a 4-millimetre smaller lens. And then the hybrid reflector, made up of an aluminium deep-drawn part and a plastic inlay, has brought with it significant savings in view of module production in the pressure casting process used up until now or even the production of sheet metal reflectors.
Michael Rehage, who is heading up the "INTEMO" project, is proud of his team´s performance: "With the INTEMO, it was our objective to develop a technically revised version of the former HELLA bi-xenon projection module. Due to the increasing demands of our customers, it was also particularly essential for us to reduce the weight of the module without encroaching on its lighting performance - and we have achieved precisely that: INTEMO is around 100 grams lighter than the comparable module." (Press Release 26.09.2011)
Quelle: Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. | Foto: Hella
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