Hansa Heavy Lift vessel sails open hatch to deliver tall cranes


Hamburg: HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s 3D software simulates lift before the voyage to ensure safe loading and installation during discharge of three cranes.
HHL Venice has sailed through the Bosporus open hatch to move three cranes from Split/Croatia to Yushny/Ukraine.
One crane was shipped dismantled, whilst the remaining two were transported under deck and fully erected with the vessel sailing open hatch.

Hansa Heavy Lift vessel sails open hatch to deliver tall cranes

Foto: HHL Venice is one of HANSA HEAVY LIFT's P1-series and is equipped with two cranes having a combined lifting capacity of 800 metric tons.

“Stability during the lift was critical because of the draft restrictions in the port of loading,” said Christoph Ruck, Project & Transport Engineer, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“We undertook a Motion Response Analysis of the vessel for this voyage and worked very closely with the crane manufacturer to ensure we had the correct seafastening method in place.”

The available draught alongside during the lift was on average only seven meters so that clearance below the keel was sometimes limited to 50 cm. The cargo had challenging 28 meter high lifting points.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s 3D software was used to simulate the loading and installation alongside in Yushny in advance of the voyage to ensure the clearance between the vessel cranes and the cargo would be sufficient on loading.

Dealex Transport chartered the project on behalf of crane manufacturer Kirow Ardelt.

“Our fleet is ideally suited to support this type of cargo and we are always pleased to be able to work closely with a customer to overcome this type of challenge. Our six step process really came into play to make this a successful voyage with the 3D simulation having an important role in the careful planning needed for this move,” said Joerg Roehl, CCO, HANSA HEAVY LIFT. (Press Release 05.01.2015) 

Quelle: Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH | Foto: Hansa Heavy Lift
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