Hansa Heavy Lift lift agrees new finance deal


Hamburg: Hansa Heavy Lift CEO, Roger Iliffe has made the following statement: “We are very happy to announce that after four years of steadily growing our business in a very difficult market we were able to create a long-term financing arrangement acceptable to our banking partners.Hansa Heavy Lift lift agrees new finance deal

"Our strong and improving performance within the Heavy Lift market together with the support of Oaktree Capital Management, were the key to being able to strike this long-term deal.

"We would like to thank all of those involved in this lengthy process and look forward to continued success for 2015 and beyond. Hansa Heavy Lift goes into 2015 with the right financial structure to ensure its continued growth.

"Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have not yet been able to agree to terms on two ships currently financed by NordLB. We are confident that in due time we will be able to announce a final economic solution for these two ships.”

Hansa Heavy Lift operates a fleet of 21 vessels including one on long-term charter.

"To meet our customers' requirements we are continuing to build up our engineering capabilities around the P2 and P1 vessel classes in addition to our fleet of modern F-Class vessels,” said Joerg Roehl, CCO and Managing Director, Hansa Heavy Lift.

Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH specializes in Super Heavy Lift, Heavy Lift and Project Cargo. The company is a world market leader in the heavy lift business and operates a modern fleet of 21 vessels which are on average four years old. The team is committed to quality, reliability and a customer focused service. Customers’ cargoes are handled with the highest degree of safety and professionalism worldwide. 

Hansa Heavy Lift is wholly owned by Oaktree. Oaktree is an international, long-term investor providing financial resources and operational capabilities to support companies in achieving growth and long-term value. It has more than USD80 billion of assets under management. (Pressemeldung vom 19.01.2015)

Quelle: Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH | Foto: Hansa Heavy Lift
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