First uprated TCA55-26 Turbocharger delivered


MAN Energy Solutions SE Hamburg | Copenhagen: MAN Diesel & Turbo has recorded the delivery of its first, uprated TCA55-26 turbocharger to Chinese engine builder, HHM. The turbocharger will supplement an MAN B&W 6S50ME-B9.2 engine to be installed aboard a 35,500-dwt bulker, one in a series of vessels currently under construction at Chinese Cheng Xi Shipyard.
The ME-B engine is MAN Diesel & Turbo’s most modern, two-stroke design whose ‘.2’ suffix indicates a new, fuel-optimised version that complies with IMO Tier-II emissions legislation. Generally, ME-B engines are reliable units with very low life-cycle costs that feature electronic fuel-injection control, longer TBOs and offer better vessel manoeuvrability.
The 6S50ME-B9.2 engine is the first of its kind to be built by HHM. HHM is MAN Diesel & Turbo’s oldest Chinese licensee and has more than 30 years’ experience in the production of MAN B&W two-stroke engines.
TCA55-26 turbocharger
Based on the proven TCA design concept, the new -26 specification  is capable of delivering a higher volume flow at unchanged outline dimensions. This is  achieved by means of a new compressor-wheel geometry with higher capacity and higher efficiency. In addition, an internal recirculation (IRC) device is included as standard to extend the surge margin and optimise compressor performance.
The TCA55-26, TCA66-26, TCA77-26, TCA88-26 units – with their extended application range – enable the turbocharging of many two-stroke engines with a smaller turbocharger size than was previously possible. This lowers the initial cost of engines significantly, and also delivers lower maintenance costs for shipowners who will additionally benefit from reduced spare-part expenses.
The new TCA turbochargers with the -26 specification naturally include all the well-established design features of the TCA series such as high performance level, easy maintenance and high reliability. Originally launched in 2003, the well-known series has since become one of the most successful turbocharger choices for modern, two-stroke engines.  (Press Releasem 14.10.2011)
Quelle: MAN Diesel & Turbo SE | Foto: MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
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